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The Co-Innovation Platform

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With citizen mobility we offer an agile implementation platform for jointly solving mobility problems in cities.

  • Work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders

  • Benefit from creative and agile way of working

  • Develop citizen- and user-centered solutions in a structured way

  • Test and validate prototypes in their real environment

Cm network

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Added value for ...


  • Collaboration with cities and start-ups

  • Contribute relevant problems from your own company context and develop solutions

  • Creative and agile way of working


  • Easy collaboration with companies and start-ups

  • Concrete solutions to relevant mobility problems

  • Creative and agile way of working


  • Collaboration with established companies and cities

  • Further development and validation of your solutions

  • Creative and agile way of working


  • Active community

  • Participation and co-creation

  • Beta testers for new mobility solutions

Four pillars


Involving relevant stakeholders from our strong UnternehmerTUM ecosystem


Understanding needs of citizens through user research and building up a community


Collecting and analysing comprehensive mobility data.


Testing prototypes under real conditions in an urban context

Co-innovation process

During a meta-sprint (6 months), we use agile and co-creative methods to identify relevant problems and develop innovative, citizen-centered solutions. We bring theoretical approaches into reality by testing them with real users under real-world conditions. At the end of the project, we have jointly created prototypical mobility solutions and impulses for better cities.

Cm sprint

Information on current and completed projects

2022 citizen mobility 6 cccn

How might a shared charging network benefit corporates and citizens?

Meta-Sprint #6

from March - Sept 2022
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Cm6 visual mobstation

How might smart mobility hubs shape the city of the future?

Meta-Sprint #6

from March - Sept 2022
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IMG 8945

E-Pioneers: Urban Electric Charging Experience of the Future

Meta-Sprint #4/#5

Jan 2021 - Jan 2022 / With the two pilot projects "Charging Together" at Munich Urban Colab and "Urban Fast Charging" at Leonrodplatz, we were able to develop innovative solutions and impulses for the urban charging infrastructure of tomorrow.
CM 190620 OPT MUNICH 0312

Meta-Sprint #3

April - August 2020

As part of the UMPARKEN experiment, we developed a concept and tested solutions with the target to transform mobility and public space in an urban context.
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Scooter 2

Safe crossroad / Sharing scooters / Bicycle traffic

Meta-Sprint #2

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