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As part of the citizen mobility co-innovation format, we are working with our partners and citizens to develop concepts with the goal to improve the charging infrastructure for electric cars in German cities. How will the urban charging infrastructure of the future look like?

The needs of current and future e-car users are particularly important to us. As a first step, we conducted a survey to investigate the potentials and challenges of electric mobility in German cities. How attractive is the purchase of an electric car for you? How can we improve the charging infrastructure for electric cars in your urban district?

During our online event on June 2, we will present the first results of our survey and share important findings. In addition, we will provide interim results and an outlook on our current Co-Innovation Sprint: Urban Electric Charging Experience of the Future. Besides developing a concept for improving the charging infrastructure of the future, we have set ourselves the goal of directly testing prototype solutions in a real environment.

Look forward to exciting insights into our current pilot projects!